Another JS slider

We do not need more JS sliders, there is plenty of alternatives. But while looking at them, I realized they all force you into learning their small quirks. That is a total annoyance and waste of time, so I set myself to write a super simple, super easy and understandable slider: the qndslider, the Quick and Dirty Slider.

You can download and use at your leisure:

The beauty of it, is that I coded the basics of any slider to save you time, but you are in control of the interaction. I.E. you can call to move to the next slide, but have a callback on what happens after the slider changes. All the basic funcionality is in, next(), previous(), timers, start(), stop().

It is NOT a jQuery plugin, but it does use jQuery to find the elements.

The Basics
You don’t have to use Divs, it could be UL/LI or P/SPAN as long as the slides have the “slide” class and the wrapper the id you call in the JS, in this case “GreatSlider”.

<div id="GreatSlider">
<div>First slide, do whatever you want here</div>
<div>Second slide</div>
<div>Third slide</div>
<div>Fourth slide</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
$(document).ready( function () {
var mySlider = new Slider( "GreatSlider" );

No, it doesnt have NEXT or PREV arrows, that is up to you. How you place them, how you style them, etc. it is ALL up to you. That way, is a bit hard, but you understand exactly what’s going on. Same goes for current slide and stuff like that. See more detailes at Github.

WordPress 3.8 is_category() bug

So … you are here because is_category is not working for you, this MAY┬ábe a bug in WP3.8. You could hack wordpress core and fix it easy enough( it is only a couple of lines), but that’s not the right way. YOU DON’T HACK CORE, so I’m not writing about it.

This is probably the setup in your code:

if ( $custom_query->is_category('my_cat') ) {
// do something with that category
} else {
// do something else

It turn out is_category() always returns false. Here’s the solution:

if ( $custom_query->get(“category_name”) == ‘my_Cat’) {
// Bingo!
} else {
// Do something else

That was easy huh?

Introducing Square-War


Originally by puzzle master Scott Kim, Square War takes place on an 8×8 board. Two players take turns, once a move has been done, the piece cannot be moved. The object of the game is to make squares. The larger the square, the more points it’s worth, and they can be at any angle. You win when you get over 150 points AND at least a 15 point lead over your opponent.

There are a couple of versions of this game, including an old-school AOL one. This one however has been modernized with a beautiful interface, online play and facebook integration..

This is a small project that Jeff Herrera ( and I put together just for fun.

Check it out at

ADA Signage focused App


App focused on the Americans with Disabilities Act. All up to 2010 standards. It doesn’t design signs for you, but it is instead a graphical reference on the design and installation aspects of the ADA signs.

Live in Google Play at … iOS version coming soon!

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Once an idea has taken hold of the brain it is almost impossible to eradicate.

An idea that is fully formed – fully understood – that sticks;